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What we do

Innovation Momentum is an organisation operating at the intersection of startups, investors, and public bodies in the Mediterranean region, dedicated to driving innovation and empowering entrepreneurial ecosystems in the wider EMEA area. Instigated and run by people active for many years in European entrepreneurial ecosystems, it supports entrepreneurs with aligned vision by paving their pathway through all venture development stages including formation, validation, and growth.


Our mission is to drive innovation and empower entrepreneurial ecosystems, and in doing so, enhance the entrepreneurial skills and employability of young people.


Innovation Momentum’s vision is to create a momentous future for our society. We strive to become a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence, and a gateway for young people to achieve their fullest potential.


  • People first: We work with people. We recruit people.
  • Learning and growing: There is no end to knowledge. We want more, and we chase it.
  • Innovation: Nothing is ever “good enough.” We lead the way forward.
  • Professionalism: We are qualified, skilled and committed.
  • Quality: We do not settle for anything less than excellence in every project we deal with.
  • Consistency: Consistency provides real substance – it develops routines and builds momentum.
  • Transparency: Experiences, successes or failures – we share openly.
  • Giving back: We share our successes by giving back to people who can use the help.

Guiding Principles

Promote Innovation

& Entrepreneurship

The organisation plans and delivers events in  the form of seminars, workshops, panel  discussions, inspirational talks and  conferences to drive innovation and empower entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Mediterranean region. 

Enhance the Entrepreneurial Skills & Employability of Young People

Operating at an apprenticeship-based model, the organisation offers the chance to its grassroots network to be trained and also gain real work experience, paving their way towards starting a successful career or starting their own business. 

Our Why

Everyone has the potential to make a change in this world. Be it developing the drug that cures cancer, discovering a concept that combats climate change, or even helping relocate people to outer space. At Innovation Momentum we aim to better each aspect of the world we live in. Instead of focusing on one sector or one idea, we choose to provide the resources and support to people from diverse backgrounds and sectors, aiming to drive advancements in every field. Many small changes can bring about momentous impact. This is our why; what is yours?


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